Meet Rosalin Grace

About The Nilasor Name

My name is Rosalin Strong Grace.  Nilasor is my first name spelled in reverse.

About Nilasor

Nilasor is a bringing together of all that I love and stand for. I have a bottomless thirst for learning and I am happy to share what I have learned.  On my Arts & Crafts pages, you will see that I love writing, reading, sewing, sculpting, gardening, singing, painting, and photography.  I also offer a few products and services such as helping small businesses establish a presence on the world wide web, screenplay formatting, and apparel such as hats, t-shirts, face masks and more.

Nilasor is also a place to do as I please, say what I please, and not worry about what others think about it, or censorship from social media platforms.  You will find many of my honest opinions in the News pages. 

About Rosalin Grace

I was born in a small town in the Mississippi delta.  I grew up with very modest means.  My parents could not provide me with many luxuries when I was a child living in the country, but they kept me sheltered from the harsher things of the world, for which I am grateful. When I was thirteen, my father moved us to the gulf coast where I was exposed to a different way of life.  Being the naive country girl that I was, I had my only child at sixteen and got married at eighteen.  Now, after many trials and tribulations, I consider myself a survivor.  I have known many sorrows in my life, and unlike many who say they regret nothing, I have some regrets. But in spite of all that has happened, God has blessed me still, as He blesses us all.  I am especially grateful for my only child, Anthony.  I thank God for showing me that none of us are above another, to never say never, and that love is the key to everything. 

I live in Texas with my husband Larry and our cats.