Why should you read books?

For one thing, books can take you places that you might never physically go.  The written word is one of the most powerful forms of communication.  Seeing words and saying words in your mind at the same time will better cement those words into your brain. 

Reading is good for your brain, a good way to exercise your mind and keep your imagination sharp.  Reading is key to education.  Reading enhances your vocabulary and increases your understanding of words. Reading can help you become a better conversationalist.  Reading can help you solidify your own views and convictions.  You can learn many new things by reading. 

If you are an adult who cannot read, please put your pride aside and find a class or someone who can help you overcome this inability.  Do not be afraid of what others might think, just do what is best for you and you will never regret it.  If you know of someone who cannot read, please try to lovingly convince them to be brave and learn how to read. 

I do not do half as much reading as I used to, and since I have not been a frequent reader of books in several years, I have only two recommendations right now.  I have read several good books in my lifetime, most of which were mysteries -- I love whodunits.  Agatha Christie was my favorite author for many years and I have quite a few of her books in my library.  Although I have not read him in quite some time, Steven King was another one of my favorites.  I have not read many modern day authors.  I shall give this more thought before adding more books to my recommended reading list, and I must do more reading myself. 

In the meantime, I cannot recommend highly enough these two books listed below.

My recommendations…